Hospitality and Customer service

Hospitality and customer service is the number one item to consider when choosing a marina. Our Marina is known for the friendly faces and relationships we build with our customers. Our customers become more like family and know every time they come to see us, they will be greeted with smiling faces.

Proper Equipment

It is extremely important to be sure your boats are sheltered from wind, waves, and boat traffic. It provides a sense of security when it comes to the safety of your boat. The percentage of boat owners who prefer having shelter is significantly higher than boat owners who do not for good reasons!

On Site Services

Having a place to dock is extremely important, however what is available to you on location is also important. RD Marina has an extensive list of on site services that we provide to our customers.

Click Here to see our full list of on-site services.

Events/Socials Hosted by the Marina

Hosting events at the marina brings in large crowds, revenue, and a sense of community to the area. Imagine you’ve spent a whole day on the water and as you are pulling up you are greeted by Marina staff and a dock full of boat lovers, grilling delicious food and telling tales of their time on the sea. It is in these moments that you realize you have chosen the perfect marina.

When you are out on the water, living your very best life and it is time to return to a marina, be absolutely sure that you choose perfect marina!

Be sure it is a family friendly, hospitable, well – equipped, service oriented, and fun-filled Marina! The wrong Marina could ruin your boat day and possibly even your boat! Be sure you make the right choice.