Top Ways To Clean Up The Beaches Around Palmetto

It’s not unusual to find balloons, plastic bags, and paper napkins littered on the beach. Beach clean-ups are often done by locals and environmental groups, but unfortunately, trash can travel from miles and miles away. If you are looking to enjoy a nice relaxing day at one of the beaches around Palmetto though, then keeping it clean is the number one priority.

Keeping beaches clean is everyone’s responsibility. Here are five ways you can keep the beaches around Palmetto clean for all to enjoy!

1. Don’t bring plastic shopping bags, plastic straws, plastic water bottles, or Styrofoam plates to the beach. Many animals will mistake plastic items for food and will eat them. This can result in starvation, because the animal’s stomach is filled with plastic that can’t digest. In addition, since plastic never degrades, we need to reduce the amount of plastic that we throw away.

2. Don’t release balloons into the sky. When a balloon’s helium leaks out, it will probably end up in the ocean. Animals can eat balloons or become entangled in the balloon’s string. This string can injure an animal and even take off a limb. Entangled animals are also at risk of drowning.

3. Pick up after your pet. If your pet goes to the bathroom on the beach, pick up the waste and throw it in a trash can. Pet waste adds viruses and bacteria to the environment. Who wants to swim in that?

4. Throw away cigarette butts. Dispose of cigarette butts properly. Nicotine from cigarettes can have a negative effect on the environment.

5. Throw your trash into a designated trash can. Do the same for any other trash you encounter on the beach. The more trash we can remove from the environment, the better. Trash can leach harmful chemicals into the sand or sediment. However, always use common sense when picking up trash on the beach. Don’t pick up sharp objects or anything that could make you sick.