We all agree that fishing is fun and highly relaxing, like Kayaking. Summertime is fast approaching. Get your kayak and fishing gear ready, here are some great spots to go for a good time and even better kayak fishing.

Located in the northern-most city in Palm Beach County, Jupiter brings you Loxahatchee River. Try not to get lost in the beautiful scenery it offers, (or perhaps do try). The slow flowing river makes it a perfect destination for laid-back fishing.

The river remains one of the waters with wild ecosystems. It offers a mixture of fresh and saltwater fishes that allows catching different species of fish. You can get lucky and catch largemouth bass, common snook, and more! 

Florida is dubbed as the fishing capital of the world. Visiting Lake Okeechobee is something that you would need on your kayak bucket list, hands down. The river covers an enormous space of 730 square miles. It is also the second-biggest freshwater lake in the country, Can you imagine all the fish you can catch?

This fishing powerhouse caters to various fishes including crappie, bluegill, and redear sunfish. You can tap into several locations that can give you easy access to the gorgeous lake.

Everglades National Park is an excellent experience for inshore kayak fishing anywhere in the world and is sometimes referred to as the fishing Mecca. It is also one of the world’s most diverse estuaries and offers both saltwater and freshwater fish and sometimes the occasional shark! This park is about 156 miles long and makes up 40% of the Florida east coast.

Lake Ida Chains of Lakes offers you the most legendary kayak fishing experience that you could ever have outside the city. It connects several canals starting from C-15 Canal in Boca Raton and connects through channels to Lake Ida. The place is known explicitly for different fishes like the elusive clown knife fish, Mayan cichlids, pickerel,and so much more! 

No matter where you choose to venture this summer make sure to stay safe and have fun!