Palmetto, a charming city on the shores of Florida’s Gulf Coast, offers a delightful experience for food enthusiasts seeking a memorable fine dining experience. With its picturesque waterfront, historic charm, and an array of dining options, Palmetto is a hidden gem for gastronomes. In this article, we’ll take a culinary journey through Palmetto, focusing on the best area places for fine dining, including the beloved Dockside Grill at the Marina.

  1. Dockside Grill at the Marina:

Nestled alongside the scenic marina, Dockside Grill is a culinary haven known for its delightful seafood fare and stunning waterfront views. The restaurant exudes a relaxed ambiance, making it the perfect spot for a leisurely lunch or an intimate dinner. With its outdoor seating, guests can savor the sea breeze and watch boats gently sway in the marina while indulging in a delectable selection of fresh seafood, grilled specialties, and craft cocktails. The Dockside Grill’s commitment to using locally sourced ingredients ensures a delightful, sustainable dining experience.

  1. The Riverhouse Reef & Grill:

Overlooking the Manatee River, The Riverhouse Reef & Grill is another exceptional fine dining spot in Palmetto. This upscale restaurant boasts a diverse menu, featuring a fusion of classic American and globally inspired dishes. Whether you opt for succulent steaks, mouthwatering seafood, or inventive vegetarian options, each dish is thoughtfully prepared to cater to all taste preferences. The Riverhouse’s elegant yet welcoming atmosphere complements the dining experience, making it a favorite among locals and visitors alike.

  1. Riverside Waterfront Deck:

As the name suggests, the Riverside Waterfront Deck offers a unique dining experience on its spacious outdoor deck, offering spectacular panoramic views of the water. This casual yet refined eatery focuses on classic Floridian cuisine, featuring freshly caught seafood and tropical flavors. Guests can unwind with refreshing cocktails while watching the breathtaking sunsets over the horizon. The Riverside Waterfront Deck is the perfect place to experience the laid-back charm of Palmetto.

  1. The Grill at Waterlefe:

Situated within the prestigious Waterlefe Golf & River Club, The Grill offers an upscale dining experience in an elegant setting. The restaurant’s menu features a range of contemporary American dishes with a focus on farm-to-table ingredients. Whether you visit for a gourmet brunch or a lavish dinner, The Grill provides an exceptional culinary journey enhanced by attentive service and serene golf course views


Palmetto’s fine dining scene is an amalgamation of culinary excellence, scenic beauty, and warm hospitality. Whether you’re a seafood aficionado or a lover of diverse cuisine, Palmetto has an array of restaurants that cater to all tastes. From the picturesque setting of Dockside Grill at the Marina to the elegant ambiance of The Grill at Waterlefe, these restaurants exemplify the best of Palmetto’s dining experience. So, the next time you’re in town, embark on a gastronomic adventure to savor the flavors and warmth that this coastal gem has to offer.