The Benefits of US Coast Guard Documentation

While registration with the state you reside in is required, documenting your vessel with the USCG is not, but it is highly recommended. Should you document your yacht with the federal government, or is simply registering the vessel with the state good for your needs? Read on to learn more about the benefits of US Coast Guard documentation.
Documenting your boat provides proof of nationality as well as ownership. The vessel paperwork from the US Coast Guard is accepted worldwide, alleviating both issues.
In the US, all registered vessels are given the same protections as those not, but an American citizen must own the boat for such recognition.
Without much exception, vessels longer than 26 feet must have some form of documentation. In addition, an officially registered vessel will have a number assigned that will be affixed to the hull.
Under federal law, every undocumented vessel with propulsion equipment must be assigned a number in the state where it is mainly operated. Each state has rules about how and where the assigned registration number is to be affixed.
One of the main advantages of documenting your boat is the USCG documentation is one of the most regarded registrations obtained by boat owners. The documentation provides many advantages and safeguards, especially while traveling in international waters. This will be of great importance if you run across inquiries from international authorities or clearing customs upon foreign port entry.
Another advantage to documenting your boat is the potential sale of your boat in the future. Documenting your boat establishes succession of ownership. Because of the official paperwork, owning a seagoing vessel becomes significantly more attainable for potential buyers.
The documentation guarantees that prospective lenders and buyers are informed of potential liens or other possible title issues before making a transaction.
The Coast Guard provides documents with the best official identification number designation in an identical manner. The hull of the marine vessel must be marked permanently with this number, and it cannot be modified throughout the vessel’s service life.
When underway, if you encounter other coast guards, your vessel’s nationality is visible to them. Additionally, it simplifies the process of entering foreign ports. Registrations with the state alone do not usually give this benefit. When dealing with customs, documentation certification is recognized as an official registration document, which allows the boat owner to clear through customs more quickly.
For more information, go to your state’s website for boat registration or for more clarification about documentation.