While most boaters want to spend as much time on the water as they can, obstacles like hectic work schedules and bad weather frequently stand in the way. People who are fortunate enough to reside in an area with pleasant weather all year round, such as South Florida, can spend more days on the water boating. The busiest boating days of the year still tend to be in the spring and summer. 72

The majority of individuals launch their boat from their docks and into the water on three specific days out of the 365 in a year. These days are all holidays, which typically last over extended weekends. Here are the busiest boating days of the year, so you can decide whether you want to celebrate with other boaters or stay away from the crowded waterways. 64

Memorial Day. Americans enjoy this federal holiday, which falls on the final Monday of May, as a three-day weekend. Memorial Day recognizes and commemorates the service personnel who lost their lives while serving in the US military. The last few days of spring, just before summer, are typically ideal for a day of boating. One of the busiest times of the boating season is the Memorial Day weekend. People go to the beach, go fishing, have picnics, and swim in the warm waters as they pass their holiday on the water. 91

4th of July. The original thirteen American colonies’ declaration of independence from the British Empire is honored on Independence Day, a federal holiday. The July 4th holiday is celebrated with a lot of American flags, fireworks, barbecues, family get-togethers, and neighborhood parades. Boaters also enjoy the weekend a lot. The busiest boating day of the year is frequently the weekend surrounding July 4. Boaters frequently gather near sandbars or shallow water. They enjoy a day of swimming, grilling, beer drinking, and fireworks. 82

Labor Day. On the first Monday in September is Labor Day. The summer’s beautiful weather days are drawing to an end as fall approaches. This federal holiday is a long weekend that celebrates the history of the American labor movement as well as the social and economic accomplishments of its citizens. Nothing better than taking a well-earned day off and enjoying the Labor Day holiday on the lake to celebrate these accomplishments. Put children in life jackets and practice responsible drinking to ensure your safety.

Get your boat ready for the holidays and have fun!