Attention Lobster Lovers: 6 Tips for Hunting Season

Grab your nets and tickle sticks Palmetto boaters! August 6 kicked off lobster season, which runs through March 31. Whether you’re new to the sport or an avid lobster hunter, here are some tips for navigating lobster season:

1. Know the regulations. Six lobsters can be captured per person, per day during the season. However, depending on the location, there may be designated harvesting times. Make sure to view the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission regulations for spiny lobsters before beginning your hunt.

2. Get equipped. From the novice to the seasoned hunters, all you need is a mask, snorkel, tickle stick, gloves, a net and a cooler.

3. Scout out the location. Lobsters can be found among ledges, patch reefs, holes, coral heads and even shallow water just 3 feet deep. Just look for their antennae, and you’ll find them in no time.

4. Master your method. Once you spot lobsters’ antennae, be careful not to touch them; they’ll scurry away once their antennae detect danger. Slowly approach the lobster, grab your tickle stick to guide it out of its hiding place, walk it into your net, and quickly close it before it dashes.

5. Measure the lobster to make sure it meets FWC regulations. Place the gauge between the horns and the other end of the carapace. A lobster’s carapace has to be longer than 3 inches in order to take it home. If smaller, the lobster must be released. After measuring, place the qualifying lobsters on ice in the cooler.

6. Clean and enjoy! After separating the lobsters’ carapaces from its tails, rinse them off and fire up the grill!

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