Life jackets. Lights. Spare gas. Oars (just in case).

You probably already load up your boat with must-haves like these before you step off the dock–but what about the (truly) nonessential accessories that just add that extra something to a day out in a boat?

Below, we’ve put together an incomplete list of things you may not need, but just may want, for a day on the water.

The Essential Playlist

“You can’t please all the people all the time” may be a true statement, but with the right playlist, you can get pretty close. Whether you’re out for a quick ride along the beach or a full day a little farther out, taking time to put together a soundtrack for the day can be just as exciting as making sure your snacks are packed. If you’re looking for a go-to, Spotify has put together an essential Yacht Rock playlist to keep the good times going.

The Quint-essential Footwear

A boat ride may not be a floating fashion show, but that doesn’t mean you should leave your style on the shore. Boat shoes are a go-to on land and at sea, and with this summer’s collaboration between Sperry and Jaws (yes, that Jaws), you can bring a little more adventure to your adventure.

A High-Quality Cooler

This is one of the more practical recommendations, and also one of the more actually essential. Whether you’re taking along soda, sandwiches, bottled water, or something else, a well-insulated cooler makes all the difference between a good lunch and no good at all. On especially hot days, we also recommend swapping in a few ice packs for the traditional bag of ice, which can keep your items not only cold but dry.

A Sunglasses Chain

Glasses chains are handy around the house, but can be just as useful to keep your sunglasses from going overboard when the winds get high, you take a peek over the side of the boat, or the mood catches you and you drop the anchor and dive in. Pro tip: take a look on Etsy to support an artist or maker before your next trip.

Of course, one of the most important parts of taking the boat out is to make sure you’re doing so safely and prepared, as we’ve discussed on the blog before, but hopefully these less practical tips also make for an excellent time when you’re at the marina.

(Of course, if yacht rock isn’t up your alley, there’s always this 10-hour loop of a classic, timely rock song to keep your ears company.)