Choosing your boat’s name is a right of passage. According to boating folklore, it’s bad luck to change a boat’s name, so it’s important to take your time in choosing the right moniker. The name should be classic, memorable, and show your personality. Here are some tips for naming your vessel.

Keep it simple

When naming your boat, we recommend keeping it short and simple. One to three words works best, in our opinion. The name should be short enough to fit on the transom and easy to understand if said over the VHF radio. We also recommend avoiding choosing a name that’s so obscure that not many people would understand it, like a private joke. 

Be Traditional

Traditionally, many people have chosen to name their boats after important women in their lives, but you can consider naming yours after anyone you love. If you want to be less obvious, consider using the middle name of your spouse or children.

Try a pun

There’s nothing better than a boat name with double-meaning. We love names like Knot On Call, Liquid Assets, and Midlife Crisis. Punny names will be sure to get a laugh out of your passengers and passersby alike.

Show your personality

Naming your boat should be fun and it’s important to let your personality shine through the name. Consider names that relate to your likes or hobbies. If you work in the medical profession, try a name like Doctor’s Orders. It’s also acceptable to name your boat after famous songs, movies, or pop culture figures.

Once you’ve decided on a name, be sure to make it official by having professional lettering created and added to your vessel. After the name has been applied, we recommend taking the boat out and enjoying a bottle of champagne with your loved ones to christen the new title.