Every year, there are several fishing tournaments in Southwest Florida. However, there is one in particular that stands out every year…the Redsnook Catch And Release Tournament. This tournament is particularly exciting because the organizers aim at raising funds to spread awareness about clean waters as well as promoting efforts at keeping those waters clean. Last year, the tournament donated $38,000 towards the cause. We all remember how, in 2019, the Florida coastline was filled with dead fish. Organizers of the event said they’re trying to prevent future instances like this by holding the tournament each year and promoting clean waters.

This year will mark the 28th Redsnook Catch And Release Charity Fishing Tournament. Organizers hope to make an even larger impact than they did last year and invite the local community to join in. This year, the event will be held from October 8th through 10th and will benefit the conservancy of southwest Florida’s commitment to water quality protection. The organization invites you to come join their efforts!