Every winter, anglers and captains get together in Stuart and Fort Pierce to compete in sailfish tournaments. It’s an expensive hobby, as boat owners and anglers have to pay their crew, buy fuel, bait, and tackle, and feed everyone who tags along for the event. 

But it’s all worth it, at the end of the day. The adrenaline rush of a great sailfishing day is impossible to beat. Catching sailfish is a thrilling, fast-paced sport. Slow days happen, of course, and they aren’t nearly as fun. But taking a chance on a great day is completely worth the wait. 

Upcoming Sailfish Tournaments

1. Fish Heads of Stuart Quickie Sailfish Tournament (Nov 29 – Dec 1)

2. Pirates Cove Resort & Marina Sailfish Classic  (Dec 2 – Dec 5)

3. Stuart Sailfish Club Light Tackle Sailfish Tournament  (Dec 9 – 11)

4. Pelican Yacht Club Invitational Billfish Tournament (Jan 10 – 15)