Every summer brings bright sunshine and record-breaking temperatures. The last thing you want to is to be overheated and possibly suffer from a heat-related illness.

In our last heat-beating post we gave some great tips for being safe and cool while you’re on your boat and in the sun.

Here are a few more tips for keeping cool while you’re out enjoying the waves.


Of course! The number one ally we have against the heat it water.

Staying hydrated remains the number one thing you can do to stay safe in the heat. Your body needs fluids to replenish what you lose from sweating and helps lower your core body temperature. It’s essential to preventing heat stroke. Avoid drinking other liquids like coffee, beer, wine or soda as they can dehydrate you more quickly. Pack enough water for everyone on board, including any pets.

Try splashing water on the deck of your ship. As it evaporates it will have a cooling affect not only for those on deck, but for those below it as well.

Misting systems are also something you can install on your boat to provide a similar affect. They attach under shade structure of your boat and can be attached to the shower hose or tap on your boat.


If you don’t already have a shade structure in place, you can install one for extra sun protection. There are all sorts of boat tents, sheets, or tarps you can buy to create a covered space on your boat.

Staying out of the sun will help protect you from UV rays, which cause sunburns and increases your risk of skin cancer.

It’s especially beneficial between 10am and 2pm, when UV rays are the strongest.


Compartments below deck can quickly become muggy and miserable during the summer months.

A wind funnel can help increase airflow. Also called a windsock, they can be attached to the boat’s hatch and direct cool air down the open hatch. They work especially well while you’re anchored.

Try some small fans. Strategically placing a small fan or two can help keep your cabin breezy. And when combined with a wind funnel, can help keep cool air circulating all night long. Small fans typically do not use much electricity, and will not drain your boat’s battery when used overnight.

Enjoy the water and stay safe!