The First Coast is a fisherman’s paradise, with a diverse range of fish species, ideal weather, and a well-developed fishing infrastructure. There are 2,276 miles of tidal shoreline in our state, as well as 10,550 miles of rivers, 7,700 lakes, and innumerable ponds. The First Coast also has numerous choices for offshore saltwater fishing, surf fishing, bridge fishing, river fishing, as well as freshwater ponds and lakes nearby. 

  1. Fishing In Jacksonville

The Southeast is home to hundreds of freshwater and saltwater fish species. Anglers have practically limitless options for good fishing with the St. Johns River and its tributaries right in our backyard. Largemouth bass and crappie are prominent freshwater species in our area too. Long stretches of shoreline provide excellent surf fishing, with great catches including whiting, redfish, bluefish, and pompano.

The Matanzas River, Matanzas Inlet, Washington Oaks, Bings Landing, and Princess Place Preserve are all excellent places to go fishing, and surprisingly often people have caught small sharks, rays, catfish, or blue crabs here. 

  1. The Fishing Community

Every fishing enthusiast has a different relationship with fishing. For some it serves as a fun and relaxing pastime, for others a time to reflect, and for some an activity with their loved ones. Regardless of whether you have a long standing relationship with it, Fishing is a great way to disconnect from our busy lives, and take a minute to reconnect with and appreciate nature. It is an easy family activity that doesn’t require much special equipment, and can be done by people of all ages and abilities. Fishing is also a great way to pass time, build friendships with your neighbours, and make lifelong memories. It is an opportunity to meet new people, and there’s no better place than Jacksonville, to form your fishing community.