If you’re looking for a place to fish from land, check out the new Florida Fishing Pier Finder, an interactive map that allows anglers to find public fishing piers, jetties, and bridges. If possible, skip your phone and view the map on a computer or tablet. 

This app was created through funding from the federal Sport Fish Restoration program, which collects taxes from fishing and motorboat purchases to fund projects that enhance fishing opportunities. 

In order to find the perfect fishing spot, visit MyFWC.com/PierFinder to search by location and what type of place you’re specifically looking for. There are several bridges and piers around Florida that allow anglers to catch a variety of species, which isn’t always easy when you’re stuck on land. Some of these structures extend into the Gulf of Mexico, and others extend into the Atlantic Ocean. 

This unique platform is super helpful for anglers who want diverse fishing opportunities but might not be familiar with an area. Florida is the Fishing Capital of the World, after all! This app will ultimately increase access to fishing locations and provide more opportunities for anglers to observe a variety of species. 

If you have questions, contact Marine@MyFWC.com.