If you’ve been boating for many years, you probably know your share of tips and tricks to make your boating experience go as smoothly as possible, but who couldn’t use a few more? 

Below is a list of boating tips and tricks that you may not know that could result in a much easier and happier boating experience:

  • Morning dew is just distilled water. Try wiping your boat off with it and it will be spot free!
  • If you’re looking for a mirror-like shine, remove the wax from last season with a dewaxing solvent before applying new wax.
  • Instead of using harmful or toxic chemicals like bleach to kill mold, use a green-alternative, white vinegar, using a spray bottle.
  • If you have a scratched windshield or sunglasses, a polish like 3M Finesse or countertop polishes works well.
  • Oven cleaner spray, such as Easy-Off, will remove adhesive residue and paint from gelcoat without damage.
  • To fix any clogged aerosol paint can nozzles, try removing it and soaking it in mineral spirits for an hour and then install on a can of lubricant and then spray to finish the cleaning.
  • To remove a bad hydraulic steering seal, use a safety pin. 
  • To protect outboard and stern pipe shaft splines from getting damaged during storage and transport, cut some PVC pipe or a section of rigid hose to size to cover it. 
  • Free play in hydraulic steering can be eliminated by adding some fluid to the helm pump.
  • Check engine belts for any tension as well as any cracks or glazing.
  • Though more expensive, T-clamps clamp hoses evenly versus worm-gear clamps that often distort.
  • Apply liquid dish soap to carpeted trailer bunks to help the boat slide off more easily at a shallow ramp. 
  • For easier towing, wipe the boat down with liquid soap before a long haul to make the grit and bugs easier to remove once you arrive at your destination.
  • Keep your sterndrive tilted downward at the dock. This protects the bellows from deterioration and barnacles.
  • Mysterious leaks are often the result of failed deck plates and hatch O-rings. Be sure to order new parts from the manufacturer. 
  • Applying masking tape before drilling holes will help prevent fiberglass from chipping. 

Come down to Riviera Dunes Marina and share your boating tips and tricks, we would love to hear them!