While most of the country packs their boats away for the winter, we are lucky to not have an off-season here in West Central Florida. The temperature may be slightly cooler than the peak summer heat, but you may be surprised by the wonderful benefits of taking your boat out in the “off” months. Here are three perks of winter boating.

Calmer and Cooler Weather

In warmer climates, the weather tends to be more stable in the winter months. Boating during these times means calmer water and gorgeous views unobstructed by crowds or storms. For days with cooler temperatures, hanging out on deck cozied up in sweats and enjoying the view is as great way to spend your day on board. 

Fewer Boats on the Water

While we don’t have a true off-season, boating does tend to slow down in the winter here in Florida, without the crowds of tourists and vacationers. Smaller crowds can also mean shorter lines for fuel and docking. Winter boating is also a great way to peacefully enjoy calm water and great fishing.

Less Pressure

Since you have the option to boat year-round, the pressure to get in as many trips before the season ends is gone! Florida boaters have the advantage of keeping their boats in the water year-round. Skip the off days and know that it is just a short time before you’ll be on the water again.

As you can see, there are many benefits of boating during the winter months. From enjoying clear, uncrowded waters to feeling less pressure to make the most of the season, we believe boating year round is a major perk of docking in Florida. As always, keep Riviera Dunes Marina in mind if you are looking to join a welcoming community of boating enthusiasts.