Spring is almost here, and boat enthusiasts are no doubt itching to get out on the water. Whether you’re planning to go fishing, cruising, or exploring, here are seven ways to get your boat ready for spring. 

1. Give it a good wash.
Spring is a great time to wax, wash, and detail your boat. Winter can leave it looking and feeling grimy, so wash it clean before you embark on your first spring journey. 

2. Use quality products.
Don’t use any non-marine cleaning products on your boat. Automobile products can damage your boat’s vinyl or canvassing, so stick to marine products that will leave your boat in tip top shape. 

3. Clear the bilge.
Rain and melted snow can seep into the bilge. Pump the water out before you put you boat in the water. 

4. Charge your battery.
Before you head out, make sure your battery is fully charged. 

5. Complete a thorough safety check.
This is a perfect opportunity to check your navigation lights, the boat’s horn, your lifejackets, restock your first aid kit, and more. 

6. Look at your registrations.
Make sure you have all the appropriate registration stickers on your boat. Registration laws vary by state. 

7. Check out your trailer.
If you’re planning to use a trailer to transport your boat, check your lights and tires to make sure they’re ready to hit the road.