On Sunday, Eddie Morgan, owner of Harbor Docks (a marina/seafood restaurant) in Destin, treated 300 local children to Take-a-Kid-Fishing Day, which his father pioneered 27 years ago. 

During the trip, the kids filled fifty charter boats and had the chance to go fishing. For some of them, it was their very first time out on the water. The trip is free, provides a fresh fish lunch to every child, and a fishing rod to take home. The chaperones are all local volunteers. Many of them are firefighters and police officers. 

Take-a-Kid-Fishing Day is hosted every year or every other year, depending on weather. Morgan invites children through community groups and local media channels. The main focus of this annual trip is to provide an unforgettable experience for kids who might not otherwise have this type of opportunity. 

Morgan says he loves asking the children what they think they’ll catch and seeing enthusiasm and excitement light up their faces. His favorite part of the tradition is reserving a first class boat for local special needs children. 

Over 7,000 children have now learned to fish through Take-a-Kid-Fishing Day, which is largely due to the support of the community, donations, and volunteers. 

Many kids who attend this trip grow up to become volunteers. Some have even brought their own children in, which brings Morga a lot of joy. 

Overall, Morgan’s annual fishing trip has made a huge impact both on the personal lives of thousands of children, as well as the Destin community as a whole.