Florida has a variety of delicious foods and cuisines. If you’re planning a visit in the near or distant future, don’t skip these Florida delicacies!

1. Stone Crab
Stone crab season runs from October to May. During this stretch of time, you can find crab festivals and a variety of restaurant specials in Florida. Stone crab claws are sweet and extremely delicious. Another interesting fact is, when the crabs are pulled out of the traps, only one claw is removed before they’re released back into the water. The claws take about a year to regenerate.

2. Conch
Conch mostly comes from the Florida Keys. The shells contain thick sea snails, which are eaten in chowder, ceviche, and conch fritters.

3. Grouper
Grouper is a state favorite. Order it “blackened”, and you won’t be disappointed.

4. Alligator
If you want to try something different, alligator is a great option. The meat is usually chopped into small bites and fried. Many people claim it tastes just like chicken.

5. Cuban Sandwich
This sandwich is particularly popular in Key West. Once you try an authentic “Cubano”, nothing else will ever compare. Imagine roast pork, ham, salami, melted cheese, and pickles served between two pieces of thick Cuban bread.

6. Citrus, Papayas, Mangos and Coconuts
Fruits and citrus flourish in Florida’s tropical climate. You’ll frequently find these fruits in salsas and marinades. And don’t forget to drink a glass of freshly squeezed Florida orange juice.

7. Key Lime Pie
Florida’s official state pie is made from limes and egg yolks and topped with meringue. It’s tart, sweet, and incredibly delicious.