Three Popular Birding Spots Near Riviera Dunes Marina

Three Popular Birding Spots Near Riviera Dunes Marina

Did you know that our area is known for fabulous birding? That’s right! Our waterways, beaches, islands, estuaries and marshes make the perfect breeding grounds and habitats for local birds. From egrets to osprey and herons to pelicans, the variety of bird species here is quite broad! Here are a few of the most popular birding spots you must visit whenever you’re near Riviera Dunes Marina.

Service Club Park

Located at the the north end of Brohard Park, you’ll find several fascinating birds here. In the boardwalk area, you’ll see our state’s scrub-jays as well as wrens, ground-doves and savannah sparrows, which can be spotted more often during the winter. Head to the shore, and you’ll spot plovers, sanderlings and willet. There are also a variety of gulls you will be sure to see here: Ring-bellied, lesser black-backed and laughing gull are a few species.

Brohard and Caspersen Beaches

Located just south of Venice, about 45 minutes from Riviera Dunes Marina, you’ll stumble upon Brohard Beach and Caspersen Beach, two great birding spots in our area. When you scan the water, be on the lookout for northern gannets. These are typically white with long beaks that curve slightly at the end. During the winter months, it’s more likely that you will see common loons and red-breasted mergansers, which is a diving duck with a long and thin bill. Here’s a fun fact: The fastest duck, a a red-breasted merganser, was recorded flying at 100 mph!

Palmer Point Park

While this Sarasota park is known for its secluded, private beach areas, you will be excited to learn that it’s another great local birding spot! From egrets to gulls and herons to black skimmers, there’s over a dozen of different species you’ll find here. When you look above, you might even spot ospreys or bald eagles waterside or spending some time in the trees.

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