Seashell Season in Sarasota: Part 2

Seashell Season in Sarasota: Part 2

There’s no end of amazing discoveries to be made in Sunny Sarasota! Are you looking for some of the best shelling spots in Sarasota? Keep reading to find your unique vacation souvenir! 

Shelling Advice

Tidal Deposits

It’s no secret that Sarasota’s barrier islands have the best shells! A tip from shell experts: follow the tides. The best time to search for shells is an hour before and after low tide. Separating each island, you will find waterways that hold the best shell hauls! Each incoming tide brings fresh treasures to find. 

Beat the crowds

The further away from the crowds you get, the better your shelling prospects! It’s much easier to find a prime shell selection away from the busy areas of the beach.


Are you on the search for the famed sand dollar? Find a sandbar! Sandbars are known for having fresh shell deposits, full of sand dollars. Sand Dollar Island, found between Siesta and Lido Keys, promises fresh, breathtaking treasures every evening!

Don’t forget! The Golden Rule of Shelling: Never take a shell with a living creature still in it. 

Where to find the best shells in Sarasota

You’ve read some of the best shelling secrets, now you just need to know where to go! Below you will find Sarasota’s prime shelling spots.

Englewood shell display

Florida’s Barrier Islands

Siesta Key

Lido Key

Longboat Key

Casey Key

Venice, Manasota Key

Looking for a more unique souvenir to remember your Sarasota vacation by? Venice is famed for their fossilized shark teeth! 

Tips for cleaning your shells

To clean your shells, simply wash them with fresh water, or let them soak overnight for the ones that need a deeper clean. If your shell has algae stuck on it or is discolored, you can use a diluted clorox solution. 

Creative Ways to Use Your Shells

Shells make a great home decor item! There are many ways you can use your shells once you bring them home. A great way to repurpose shells is by placing a strand of christmas lights in a glass vase and filling it with sea treasures. This makes a beautiful room accent in any season! Other ways you can get creative with your shells is by gluing them to gift boxes, mirrors, lamps, and chairs. Anything you can glue it to, shells will turn it into a fun, tropical decoration. 

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3 Places for Shelling Near Riviera Dunes Marina

3 Places for Shelling Near Riviera Dunes Marina

3 Places For Shelling Near Riviera Dunes Marina

3 Places for Shelling Near Riviera Dunes Marina

Did you know that when you visit Bradenton, you’ll get to take home a “piece” of it with you? That’s right! One of our most beloved pastimes—other than boating, of course—is to visit the lovely beaches near Riviera Dunes Marina in search of shells! Shelling is not only a fun activity in and of itself, but it provides built-in souvenirs for you to take home to remember your trip for years to come. Here are our three of our favorite places to go shelling near Riviera Dunes Marina:

Anna Maria Island

Anna Maria Island is brimming with shells! From lovely turkey wings to the smaller coquinas, and even sand dollars, there are plenty of treasures to discover when you visit the beaches of Anna Maria Island. Whether you’re shelling along the shores of Manatee Public Beach or at Anna Maria City Beach, it’s not uncommon to find shells that are in perfect condition. Larger shells are known to be found when you’re on North Bay Boulevard at Bayfront Park during low tide. Then when you head to the more southern end of the island, Coquina Public Beach is popular for finding both seashells and shark teeth.

Siesta Key

When you visit the beaches of Siesta Key, wonderful shelling opportunities await you! Though you are bound to find shells on all of Siesta Key’s three beaches, Turtle Beach is known to have the greatest abundance of shells among the three beaches. Plus, this beach is much less crowded, so there are always plenty of shells to take home with you!

Lido Key

Known for its two miles of pristine shoreline, the barrier island of Lido Key is also a hotspot for shells. Roam Lido Key’s beaches, whether it’s North Lido Beach, Lido Key Public Beach or South Beach, and you’re bound to find heaps of shells. However, if you want to find the most shells on Lido Key, head to the less busy northern end. With less hotels and less foot traffic, the more shelling opportunities there will be for you and your loved ones!

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