Center Your Chakras at These Serene Sarasota Yoga Spots: Part 1

Center Your Chakras at These Serene Sarasota Yoga Spots: Part 1

By Hannah M.

If you are a yogi yearning for a secret spot to practice your skills on your Sarasota getaway, Southwest Florida is full of quiet corners perfect for finding inner peace.


Siesta Key

Breathe easy and take a sweet savasana on Siesta Key’s healing white sand beaches! Siesta Key’s allure doesn’t end at the sparkling white sands; the sand takes on this appearance due to the uncommon composition – it’s almost completely quartz crystal, and said to have healing properties. Siesta Key is a favorite sage spot for the quartz crystal sand, as quartz crystals are natural energy conductors and said to be one of the highest vibratory minerals on the planet.

South Lido Key

If Siesta Key isn’t your scene and you are searching for a more serene way to spend the day, the southern end of Lido Key is the perfect private paradise. Plan your practice on nature’s platform at low tide when the sandbar is visible for unforgettable views. After an energizing yogic experience, end your routine with a calm cruise through the mangroves.

Manasota Key

A hidden gem of southern Venice, Manasota Key offers a tranquil repose from the hustle and bustle of South Florida. Be sure to bring along your yoga mat or towel; the distinctive, dazzling sand here is a composition of seashells, small fossil fragments and quartz crystal pieces – a breathtaking and beautiful sight, but not nearly as cushy as the soft sands of Siesta Key.

Celery Fields

Take a mellow, meditative walk through the paths leading up Celery Hill, where an unbelievable view awaits you on your yoga journey. The best times of the season to visit are during February; this peaceful peak is a pit stop on the Great Florida Birding Trail, where you will find an array of wildlife and unique birds to practice the poses alongside you. A sunrise yoga routine on this heavenly hilltop will brighten your entire Florida expedition.


Sarasota: A Year-Round Yogi Haven

No matter the level of experience you have, Sarasota is the perfect yogi paradise! Keep your yoga mat on hand for your Florida explorations – there’s no shortage of breathtaking views and restful hideaways to hone your skills on your vacation this year.


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3 Affordable Travel Destinations Near Bradenton

3 Affordable Travel Destinations Near Bradenton

3 Affordable Travel Destinations Near Bradenton Riviera Dunes Marina

3 Affordable Travel Destinations Near Bradenton

Are you on a budget this summer? While there is much to see and do in the Bradenton area, there are many affordable travel destinations nearby!

In fact, three cities in Florida were named among the Top 10 Most Affordable Travel Destinations in the country by AOL! Orlando ranked at No. 1 for the second consecutive year, Fort Lauderdale came in at No. 3, and Jacksonville ranked at No. 9.

For a family of four, the total vacation costs for three days and nights are $2,284 in Orlando, $2,560 in Fort Lauderdale and $2,852 in Jacksonville.

To find the most affordable travel destinations, AOL considered the average cost for a family of four and individuals using these four key factors: roundtrip airfare, hotel rates, car rental rates and dining.

If you’re on a budget and looking for an affordable getaway for you and your family, learn more about these cities near Bradenton: 

When in Orlando, located just a couple hours from Bradenton, you’ll certainly find extraordinary theme parks. But, that’s not all there is to do while visiting. Families will love seeing dinosaur fossils at the Orlando Science Center or stars at the Crosby Observatory. Golfers will also have their fair share of stunning courses when they’re looking to play a round.

In Fort Lauderdale, boat lovers—yacht lovers, especially—will relish in the Florida sunshine. The city is also home to major annual boat shows, museums and lovely beaches. However, Fort Lauderdale is nearly 4 hours away from Bradenton, so you may want to take this factor in consideration before traveling.

Lastly, Jacksonville is also a mere 4 hours away, but it is certainly worth the trip, especially when considering affordability. Take a day to kayak throughout the city, where you will experience the area’s breathtaking nature and gardens. On another day, you might rent some snokelling gear and explore Blackmar’s Reef.

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