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Kid-friendly things to do near Palmetto, Florida: Part 2

Have you been looking for the perfect family vacation? Look no further than Bradenton, Florida! No matter what your family likes to do for fun, this is the place to be. The overwhelming variety of family fun here can make it hard to narrow down exactly what you want to do on your vacation – keep reading to see some of the hot spots you definitely want to check out! No matter how big your family and how different their interests may be, there is a fun time to be had by all!

Tree Umph

Have you been searching an adventure that will give your kids an unforgettable experience? With over 30 football fields of challenges and hundreds of aerial adventure games, Tree Umph is packed full of entertaining places to explore and endless fun. You wanted an adventure to rock their socks and you found it! By the time you’re done zipping through the trees and navigating their obstacle courses, the whole family be ready to relax.  

Bridge Street Pier

After a day of ziplining and adventure, head over to Bridge Street Pier for the perfect evening to unwind. Perched at the North End of Sarasota Bay, this pier features breathtaking views and a serene dinner atmosphere inside Anna Maria Oyster Bar Restaurant. If you wanted a complete family day out – this is the way to end it! If you’re looking for a better family bonding experience over dinner, then just head to end of the pier where beautiful, shady fishing spots are located – you can take your time showing your kids the ropes and enjoy your fresh catch for dinner! If everyone didn’t get enough of the view at dinner, deep sea fishing charter trips are offered for the whole family!

Beaches and Water Sports

If your kids need a reprieve from the exciting adventures filled with fun, Sarasota’s local beaches are renowned across the world for the crystal clear waters and sparkling white sands – a day out near the water is sure to bring plenty of fun for the kids and a relaxing day for you! There’s endless exciting possibilities for the kids to explore with the various water sports offered in the area. Jet skis, boat rentals, kayaking, paddle boarding, and kite surfing are just the beginning of the list of fun things to do! Here is a list of companies that offer lessons and rentals sure to give your vacation some jazz.  

Holmes beach is a lively spot to explore, as they are famous for their beach volleyball and home to some of the best cafes on the island, where a sweet treat is the best way to cool off!

Endless amusing activities, breathtaking and serene views, beautiful weather, stunning white sand beaches and crystal clear water – what are you waiting for? The Gulf Coast is the perfect place for an unforgettable adventure, with all kinds of fun to be had for every family. The quintessential family getaway awaits you!

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