If you have a boat, an anchor is essential. It allows you to park your watercraft and keeps you safe during dangerous weather. Your anchor needs to be heavy enough to keep your boat secure once it’s been dropped into the water. However, there are a lot of other things to keep in mind when you’re anchor shopping. 

1. Fluke Anchors
These anchors have a shank and multiple flukes. These flukes catch in the sandy ocean or muddy river bottom as the boat floats forward and provides resistance. Flukes are great at holding larger boats without being overwhelmingly heavy.

2. Plow Anchors
These anchors have a metal wedge (that looks like a hook) and a shank. These are great for catching hard surfaces, such as rocky areas. Plow anchors are extremely heavy, which is necessary for hooking tough ground. 

3. Claw Anchors
These anchors look similar to plow anchors but they have multiple claws instead of a single plow. This design is great for rocky ground because the anchor can hook into multiple spots on uneven surfaces. Claw anchors are even heavier than plow anchors. 

4. Mushroom Anchors
These anchors look like mushrooms when they’re dropped into the water. They work best in soft mud and sand. They’re generally useful for light-duty boats, like inflatable fishing boats that don’t wander too far out in the water. They don’t have any sharp surfaces, and they’re very lightweight. 

Consider anchor materials.
It’s not just about the style of the anchor. Material matters, too! Stainless steel and aluminum are great bets. They’re strong, functional, and sturdy. Just keep the kind of fishing you want to do in mind, as well as the size and style of your boat. There are many anchor options available. If you need assistance, speak to a professional at a boating store.