Are you ready to start fishing?

Goliath groupers faced extinction three decades ago due to water pollution and overfishing, but the door has now opened for fishermen to catch and kill them.

The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission created a new regulation proposal that would allow for 100 goliath groupers to be caught and kept alive each year within a four year span. As part of this proposal, a lottery would be enacted that gives a limited amount of fisherman the chance to pay $300 for a weekly license to catch and kill one goliath. The money from the permit sales will go towards funding research. 

Though this is a step in the right direction for fishermen, it might not be approved for several years as marine biologists are hesitant about the proposed measure. The goliath grouper, a 400-800 pound fish, has left scientists with many questions regarding how the species has recovered over the last 30 years.