Looking for something festive to do on your boat in Palmetto Bay, FL this year? Decorate a pumpkin! Patch wants to showcase your creativity this fall with a gallery of pumpkin photos from Palmetto Bay.

They can be carved, painted, or part of a decorative display! Anything goes, but make sure it’s family-friendly! Send your best shots to tiffany.razzano@patch.com so they can be published in an upcoming gallery.

Submissions should be followed by a sentence authorizing Patch to use your photo in a post this month.

Here’s an easy template to use:
“Patch has permission to publish my photo. Please credit the image to [Photographer’s Name].”

Don’t let the pandemic steal your holiday cheer! Get creative, and embrace the holidays. If you’re feeling extra spooky, decorate your boat with spiderwebs, stuffed spiders, and orange twinkle lights! Your options are endless!