October 17th – November 2nd

Eat Local Week is a special event featuring the best of Sarasota’s farm fresh food, complete with tastings, tours, and much more! 

The History Behind Eat Local Week

Transition Sarasota’s goal is to “create food and economic security by supporting local, sustainable sources.” – which they achieve through many ways, including Eat Local Week. This year marks the 9th annual event, themed “Exploring Food Waste”.

They aim to provide a different perspective on eating consciously, and do so in a fresh and delicious way! 

Don’t miss these exciting attractions:

Ortygia Restaurant 

Ortygia Restaurant, famed for ‘Zero Waste’ dinner, makes their return with more delectable treats in store. Make sure to register early for this one-of-a-kind experience!

Newtown Farmer’s Market 

Newtown Farmer’s Market is a highlight of Eat Local Week, hosting the popular Big Mama’s Collard Greens Fest. Featuring a variety of seasoned professional and local chefs, you don’t want to miss this unique extravaganza!

Green Path Veteran’s Farm

Green Path Veteran’s Farm returns with their yearly fundraiser farm-to-table dinner. This organization is an outspoken supporter of Operation Eco Vets. Enjoy a delicious, farm-fresh meal while learning about their great cause! 

Guided Tours

If you want a closer view of the freshest spots in Sarasota, join one of the fun group tours planned at Siesta Key Rum, Florida Native Plant Nursery, and Mote Aquaculture Research Park. 

Eat Local Week’s Freshest Events

Canning 101

A first-time event, you can learn to preserve your fresh food in “Canning 101” at Sunshine Canning.

Test Your Green Thumb

Are you interested in plants and their qualities? Take a guided stroll and learn all about medicinal and edible plants!

All Faiths Food Bank

Take a tour at All Faiths Food Banks and learn about their partnerships, recycling efforts, and more. 

Lucky’s Market

Don’t forget to check out Lucky’s Market, that hosts a local vendor fair with delicious tastings and great tips for conservation! 

Lastly, visit Transition Sarasota’s website, where you can see the entire calendar of events with details. Most of the events do require advance registration, though a few allow drop ins. Make the most of your vacation and start planning your Eat Local Week now!

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