The boating industry has historically lagged behind the auto industry, weighed down by low-horsepower engines and batteries. That’s about to change, though. 

Electric boats are now faster, with smaller batteries, and have zero emissions. They used to only be useful for cruising around, but now they have more power and their batteries last longer. 

Vision Marine has helped lead the way with electric boats. In 2015, they began working on developing a more powerful electric outboard motor. That’s when the E-Motion 180 came to life, the first electric boat engine to use lithium batteries. The electric outboard can reach speeds of 60mph, and the engines are noiseless, odorless, and smokeless. Sales began in May, with delivery expected later this year. 

Electric boating has been embraced by celebrities like Drake and Robert De Niro, according to Vision Marine. Many tour operators and cities that have rental boats and water taxis have turned to electric boats. 

Due to the pandemic, boat sales have increased significantly. Boat rental companies have also seen a huge increase in numbers. Rentals are particularly popular because they attract people who don’t necessarily want the responsibility of owning a boat. 

This new era of electric boating will only make the hobby more enjoyable.