Deck Boats Still Trending with Boaters

Offering the quintessential balance of functionality and style, deck boats remain favorable among the boating community.

In 2015, the National Marine Manufacturers Association found that deck boat sales had increased by 11.3 percent, and the numbers are expected to continue to climb by the end of the year.

Boaters tend to favor deck boats for their plentiful seating capacity, which is perfect for families and friends. In addition, there’s a generous amount of room for all of the gear that accommodates an afternoon on the water without overcrowding the deck space. It’s no wonder that deck boats are still trending with boaters!

You may mistake deck boats for bowriders, but when you get up close, you’ll notice these are much more spacious, sporty and chic. Some are even equipped with full windshields so you can enjoy the ride during every season.

In addition to the extra space, deck boats have become favorable among boaters because of how user-friendly they are when it comes to the towing process versus a pontoon. They’re also easier to stow due to their lower profile. In turn, these features attract the more novice of boaters as well.  

Though the most common agreement reached among deck boat customers is the comfort that they provide along with more options for seating and entertaining as well as other amenities, such as a Porta Potti.

With all of the accommodations that deck boats have to offer, the open layout is never compromised. And that’s what is keeping the number of deck boat admirers increasing. The versatility that decks boats offer from a nice sunset cruise to an afternoon zipping across the lake are what keep families impressed as well. Manufacturers will continue improving deck boats’ features to appeal to the interests of their customers, such as technological upgrades and for performance and comfort.

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