Historical Vacation Destinations Part 2: Matlacha, Florida

Historical Vacation Destinations Part 2: Matlacha, Florida

Historical Vacation Destinations Part 2: Matlacha, Florida

By Hannah M.

Island Living in Historic Matlacha, Florida

A historic gem with an abundance of Seminole culture, Matlacha (Mat-la-SHAY) is a prismatic and peaceful paradise. The legacy left by the Seminole tribe is scattered throughout the tiny town, making Matlacha a historical hotspot full of fun adventures. This matured fishing village, nestled on a small island between Cape Coral and Pine Island, brings a charismatic charm unlike anywhere in the world and promises a serene stay.

What to do in Matlacha

  • Bridge at Matlacha Pass

Not only is this historic utopia full of fascinating culture, it is a fisherman’s dream! The bridge over Matlacha Pass (nicknamed the “World’s Fishing-est Bridge”) is famed for the abundance of aquatic life. The currents sweeping under the bridge brings an array of fish that draw in locals and visitors alike. Take in Matlacha’s aesthetic with a peaceful stroll down the bridge lined with local anglers casting their lines in “Matlacha Reeboks”; these tall white rubber boots are an essential part of the coastal lifestyle here.

  • Shopping and More

This vibrant and cheerful island gives you a sunny welcome to their tasteful art community. Matlacha is scattered with vintage Floridian style homes, fishing boats moored just outside the doors, art galleries, shops, and a tranquil atmosphere throughout. The serene seaside experience is reminiscent of Florida Keys without the hustle and bustle. If you were searching for the perfect peaceful getaway, Matlacha is the place to be!

Matlacha home to a variety of creatives and artists, including international artist Leoma Lovegrove. You can observe her dazzling and unique paintings in Lovegrove Gallery and Gardens; her vibrant Impressionist-Expressionist style paintings are just the start of the artwork you must see while in Matlacha!

A Historic Slice of Heaven

This historic, colorful town is a tropical slice of heaven and a must-see when visiting Florida. Matlacha Cottages has a variety of places you can stay, most located directly on the water. An artist’s paradise, Matlacha’s tranquil and exquisite landscapes draw you in the second you step foot on this island; you won’t want to leave this historical heaven-on-earth!

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Mercedes-Designed Yacht Is Out On The Water

Mercedes-Designed Yacht Is Out On The Water

Life is hard. You drive your luxurious Mercedes to the marina, and then you have to leave it land-locked while you board your yacht. If this sounds familiar to you, you’re a very lucky individual. But you won’t have to make that compromise anymore, as Mercedes is ready to brave the water.

Marking its world debut on the Côte d’Azur, the vessel is the first example of the new Arrow460-Granturismo designed by Mercedes-Benz Style for Silver Arrows Marine. As we’ve seen in previous stages, the motor yacht strives to combine the best of automotive design and naval architecture in one 46-foot form with car-like proportions.

Rather than separate the interior from the exterior, Daimler’s designers penned the vessel with retractable side windows and a windshield that can be raised to open up the cabin. The interior is coated in eucalyptus wood and furnished with adjustable tables, on-board wine cellar, bathroom, and dressing room.

No skimping was made in the engine room, where Silver Arrows Marine fitted a pair of diesel engines made by Yanmar with a combined output of 960 hp. That’s enough to cruise at 28-30 nautical mph and top out at 40 nautical mph.

This isn’t the first time we’ve seen an automotive design house create a yacht, nor the first time Mercedes has assigned its designers to venture beyond automobiles. Heck, it’s not even the first time we’ve seen Mercedes partner on a boat launch. However, this could be one of the most stylish transitions from shore to sea we’ve seen yet.

Of course if you are looking to see some of the most luxurious yachts in all of Florida, be sure to stop by Riviera Dunes Marina. With a specialty in luxury yachts, our tenants have a few yachts that may make your mouth drop in excitement. Looking to stay next to these beautiful boats? Be sure to rent a slip and enjoy the luxurious views 24/7 at Riviera Dunes Marina.

The Best Yacht Promotion We Have Ever Seen

The Best Yacht Promotion We Have Ever Seen

A coworker visiting Australia during the holidays was surprised to see a 70-foot yacht in Sydney Harbor with the name “Visit Seattle” fixed across the hull.

The yacht is taking part in the “Clipper Round the World Yacht Race,” an adventure that will bring the yacht through 14 ports around the world in just under a year.

Visit Seattle, a public-private partnership that markets the region, launched the race last summer to promote the Puget Sound area as an international visitor destination.

IMAGE DISTRIBUTED FOR CLIPPER VENTURES. Clipper yacht LMAX Exchange is seen under sail on Sydney harbour, Wednesday, Dec. 23, 2015. (AAP For CLIPPER VENTURES/Dan Himbrechts) NO ARCHIVING

The Clipper Round the World Yacht Race, which benefits Unicef, is the world’s longest ocean journey. The race consists of 12 teams competing against each other over 40,000 nautical miles.

“The race gives us a great opportunity to take the iconic image of our skyline across the globe and helps to position our city as an exciting, international destination,” said Tom Norwalk, Visit Seattle president and CEO.

Since the race began last summer, the yacht has already visited several ports. It will next travel to China before returning to Seattle. Then, it will head to Panama, New York, Northern Ireland, The Netherlands and the United Kingdom.

The yacht race is only one of several strategies created by Visit Seattle, which is working to attract tourists from all over the world. How would you love to see a yacht like this around the Manatee River? Would you love to see a “Visit Bradenton” yacht sailing around the Gulf of Mexico? Here’s to hoping that we can get a glimpse of marketing like this in the near future from one of our amazing slip owners over here at Riviera Dunes Marina!

What Yacht You Can Buy For $10 Million

What Yacht You Can Buy For $10 Million

For over a century, the rich and famous have been making a spectacular entrance with their yacht including Johnny Depp, Steven Spielberg and Tiger Woods.

What seems to be an invention of the twentieth century? Privately owned luxury yachts. Boatbuilders began creating the first creational yachts for the wealthy in the early 1900’s. It wasn’t until mid-century that owning super yachts became popular, we can partially thank Aristotle Onassis for that one.

In 1954, Onassis bought a 300-plus foot Canadian Frigate, Christina O and spent millions creating the world’s first floating playground. Christina O carried many Hollywood stars, American millionaires and world leaders.

Shipyards that had once only build navy and merchant vessels started building luxury yachts during the 1960’s and 1970’s due to the new demand. The mega yacht industry quickly expanded and then contracted with the world economy. 

Today’s yachts can exceed 500 feet compared to the yachts in the 1990’s that were from 75 feet to 200 feet. These yachts that exceed 500 feet are now being called “giga-yachts”. The biggest giga-yacht to date is Azzam which was finished in 2013 by a German shipyard, Lürssen Yachts. Azzam is 590 feet which is the length of two football fields! It broke the previous record of Eclipse,owned by Russian millionaire Roman Abramovich which was 536 feet.

Luxury yachts tend to have a minimum of three decks. The lower deck has a swim platform for easy water access, around four to five guest cabins, the engine room and crew quarters. The main deck is where all the action takes place because most of the time it has a galley, formal dining area, salon and the owner’s suite. The upper deck usually has a second salon, the bridge and an exterior lounging deck. The larger yachts tend to have additional decks for whatever the owner’s heart desires.

Although these vessels are huge, they can travel at speeds above 20 knots.

While not everyone has the chance to own a super, mega or giga-yacht, it’s fascinating to take a look inside the dream boats that are on the market. 

Here is a look inside some luxury yachts listed around $10 million. 

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Top 9 Fast Bradenton Yachts

Top 9 Fast Bradenton Yachts

If you are looking to pure speed in any Bradenton Yachts, then these 9 yachts may be the best of the best. Take a look below and imagine yourself out on the open water with these.


#9 Blush
Top Speed: 20 Knots
155 ft.
Weekly base rate: $235,000


#8 Aquavita
Top Speed: 25 Knots
164 ft.
Weekly base rate: $260,000


#7 Griffin
Top Speed: 27 Knots
136 ft.
Weekly base rate: $165,000


#6 Apache
Top Speed: 29 Knots
144 ft.
Weekly base rate: $153,000


#5 Aurelia
Top Speed: 30 Knots
121 ft.
Weekly base rate: $141,000


#4 Ecstasea
Top Speed: 33 Knots
282 ft.
Weekly base rate: $530,000


#3 Cheeky Tiger
Top Speed: 34 Knots
111 ft.
Weekly base rate: $70,000

Cheeky Tiger

#2 Soleado
Top Speed: 35 Knots
97 ft.
Weekly base rate: $52,000


#1 Moonraker
Top Speed: 40 Knots
118 ft.
Weekly base rate: $217,000


Meet The $189,000 Per Week Yacht Charter

Meet The $189,000 Per Week Yacht Charter

Soon after the arrival of the 150-foot-long luxury yacht Bella Vita Wednesday afternoon came a ton of chatter as to who might be visiting Newburyport. Tom Brady and Giselle? Taylor Swift? Donald Trump?

Surprisingly, it was none of the above.

Paul Hogg, Newburyport harbormaster, said the passengers were from Fort Lauderdale, Florida, and were only briefly visiting. They started their journey in Portsmouth, New Hampshire, and were on their way home when they decided to stop in Newburyport for the night.

The passengers asked where they could grab dinner and Hogg pointed them to downtown Newburyport. By yesterday morning’s high tide, the passengers had resumed their voyage to Florida.

According to the Bella Vita website, the super yacht sleeps 12 people and is 147 feet long. It can be rented for voyages across North America in the summer for $189,000 per week. Winter rates climb to $245,000 per week for trips around the Caribbean.

The main deck offers a full beam master cabin with king size bed and en suite Jacuzzi. The yacht also features an exercise room. Cruising speed can reach 12 knots and its draft is almost 9 feet. 

Hogg said luxurious yachts such as the Bella Vita are not an unusual sight in Newburyport. In recent years, the city has hosted yachts 180-feet long with fancy names such as Sweet Escape. 

Still, Hogg said it was great to see them visit the Port and spend money within the city. 

On the other hand, we would rather see them spend that money on a Yacht purchase from American Marine instead and enjoy a slip at our Palmetto marina. Just think of how much that $189,000 weekly rate could get you in a luxury yacht out here in Palmetto? Owning is definitely one of the best things a yacht owner can do and at Riviera Dunes Marina, we believe in that fully.

This Super Yacht Has More Than You Can Imagine

This Super Yacht Has More Than You Can Imagine

A Florida yacht dealer is planning to build a 656-foot “gigayacht” that would be the world’s largest private yacht.

Palmetto Super Yacht

It has all the luxuries that the super-wealthy would want, including room for two helicopters, several swimming pools, and a theater with a stage for live entertainment.

4Yacht, the company trying to find a buyer, says the price point is around $750 million.

Currently, the world’s largest superyacht is the 590-foot Azzam, which is reportedly owned by Sheik Khalifa bin Zayed al-Nayan, the president of the United Arab Emirates.

The Double Century, created by superyacht designer Christopher Seymour, would be about twice the size of an American football field and just as wide. It has nine decks that rise 88 feet above seal level.

Worried about getting lost on such a huge vessel? Don’t fret. The yacht comes equipped with a GPS phone app that passengers can download.

Can you imagine a yacht this big and luxurious?

Palmetto Super Yacht

Why Charter A Palmetto Yacht?

Why Charter A Palmetto Yacht?

So, what’s so great about chartering a Palmetto yacht, instead of just booking a private villa or a luxurious hotel for your next vacation? If you’re new to the world of super yacht charter, you might not be aware of the extensive benefits it offers. Here are the top five reasons why you should embark on this adventure of luxury!

Everything is Custom Made

If you spend your holiday aboard a Palmetto yacht, you can rest assured everything will be perfect! Your time on board will be organized based on your desires and dreams. Your charter agent will help you find the best yacht for your trip, and together with the Captain and the crew, create a fully personalized destination itinerary.

Endless Freedom

Picture yourself waking up surrounded by beautiful scenery, a cool summer breeze, and freshly squeezed fruit juice.  This fantastic feeling will accompany you throughout your entire vacation. A variety of water toys are available for your use, or you can simply relax on deck with a book in your hand.

Finest Amenities

Everything aboard a superyacht has been created with luxury, comfort and indulgence in mind. In addition, crewmembers prepare everything you need before your arrival, so you feel right at home when you step aboard.

Privacy and Peace

Privacy is very important to most people. Chartering a Palmetto yacht will help you get away from the crowds and enjoy quality time with family and friends. Most superyachts have the crew quarters completely separated from guest areas, which allows for even more privacy without any compromise on fantastic service.

Highly Professional Service … Only for You

During your yacht rental holiday, a highly skilled and professional superyacht crew will look after you. The crew makes sure all your needs and wishes are met, creating the best holiday you could ever imagine.

The reasons to venture into the world of yacht charter are endless. There is something for everyone, from fast and sporty motor yachts, to more luxurious superyachts, or traditional sailing yachts. Whatever destination you might choose for your holiday, there is a fantastic yacht just waiting for your arrival.

The Newest Speed Boat Is Different Than You Would Think

Hats off to Gunboat. The company has produced the world’s first foiling ‘cruising’ yacht.

The G4 launched this week in St Maarten, rose onto her foils in 14 knots wind, and has already hit 30 knots.

bradenton yacht

“It’s insane!” Gunboat’s thrilled founder Peter Johnstone told me after the G4’s first trials. “You look at the photos and your instinct and intuition tell you it must be crazy scary. But up there onboard the boat, it couldn’t be smoother or calmer!”

In one of the most profound steps in boatbuilding history, Johnstone, the Dutch DNA design team and builders Holland Composites have created the first production cruising foiler. 

bradenton yacht

“Max speed recorded so far is 31.9 knots,” Johnstone reports. “We should get into the mid to late 30s as the tuning progresses.”

Initial trials have been held in various winds this week from 9-25 knots.

But an aspect Johnstone was particularly happy with was the comfort of the ride. “You sheet in, she rises up and the speed doubles. The ride gets noticeably smoother and more comfortable – we’ve had people walking around the deck, the boat has really nice manners.”

bradenton yacht

The G4 has another jaw dropping wow-factor: she also offers accommodation. The cockpit has a galley style island for cooking and socializing as well as two double and two single berths within.

Gunboat took a big risk with this ingenious project. After the results of these early trials, they will definitely receive a string of orders for this awesome new ride. Would you ever want to see this type of yacht in our Palmetto marina?

A Perfect Ocean View Yacht

A Perfect Ocean View Yacht

The ironic thing about sitting in a yacht is you can’t really see the water. In order to do so, you have to peer through windows that do little justice to the actual view. Shouldn’t you be able to gaze out at the ocean without rising from your seat? Of course you should!

Behold then, a rendering of the boat of your dreams. The 55-meter vessel, named Salt, isn’t yet real, but there’s no doubt a group of obscenely wealthy people hoping to change that. Salt is the work of Lujac Desautel, an architecture student at San Francisco’s California College of the Arts. He designed the ship for a young boat designers competition, which asked participants to take an existing hull of a sailboat and use their creativity to work some magic.

Desautel’s design features a simple glass rectangle that sits atop the hull. The glass facade can be pulled open like a sliding door to create an even more direct connection with the sea. The idea came to him after spending most of his summers between classes working on the crew of yachts in the south of France. He couldn’t see the water while standing in the living room or guest room, and he wanted to change that.

Things like using glass or eliminating walls to produce an open, airy feeling. Desautel’s design shows the glass portion of the boat having one wall to separate the head (bathroom) from the living space. It’s reminiscent of Philip Johnson’s Glass House, the famed modernist home in New Canaan, Connecticut, that’s almost fully transparent.

The glass box is encased on both sides by staircases that lead to upper decks. The stern features a swimming platform that extends from the master suite. One of the more luxurious features is a staircase. A hydraulic system would control the staircase, raising and lowering it down to water level. Imagine, walking down the stairs into your own ocean sized pool.

Desautel’s not an engineer. And you can imagine if Salt were to be built, the realities of mechanical systems, weight and balance would eliminate some of his more impractical features. For instance, a good question to ask might be: How resilient and strong is glass against the powerful ocean? These are points that Desautel readily acknowledges. He figures if and when someone wants to make Salt a reality (and he’s already gotten calls…), the engineering logistics will be worked out. For the time being, all that’s left to do is dream about such a fantastic creation.