Despite having to skip several major boat shows this winter due to COVID-19 concerns, boat sales are looking bright. Fortunately, buyers haven’t been deterred by the pandemic! 

Boat shows are appealing for a variety of reasons: The show itself is a unique event, they enable exhibitors to come face-to-face with a large number of prospective buyers, and boat buyers appreciate the tactile experience. Virtual shows are better than nothing, but they don’t provide the same participation dynamic. 

Some are worried that without winter boat shows, boat sales will take a huge hit after the new year. However, that’s not looking likely. Prospective boat buyers are alive and well, especially since boating is a safe way to enjoy the outdoors during the pandemic. It also helps that interest rates are at a record low right now.

So, will the lack of boat shows have an effect on the market? In some ways, maybe. However, we’re not expecting boat sales to plummet. In fact, the opposite might occur. 

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