Top Things to Do in Bradenton, FL

Top Things to Do in Bradenton, FL

Florida’s Bradenton area is popular amongst older travelers, but the city has much to offer young adults, especially golfers. Next time you’re planning a golf getaway with your friends, consider a trip to the Gulf Coast. Here are some of our top things to do in Bradenton when you are visit Riviera Dunes Marina.

Where to stay

Instead of splitting a hotel, rent a beach house. The cost is affordable when you divide it among multiple friends, and there are usually several amenities. Anna Maria Island has gorgeous white-sand beaches and clear, blue water. Holmes Beach and Bradenton Beach are great options, too.

AirBnB has a large presence in the area, so that’s a fantastic place to start your search. Rental services, like Island Real Estate, can also help you find lodging.

Where to play

Bradenton has many golf courses to choose from, but IMG Academy Golf Club is a unique option. IMG is a world-renowned boarding school and athletic training facility; Serena Williams and Cam Newton were trained there. The 18-hole championship course measures 6,855 yards, and the course has some incredible views.

For a different kind of golfing experience, visit Pinebrook Ironwood Golf Course. It’s short, which makes it great for walking, but it has several water challenges hidden within.

What else to do

Bradenton has plenty of other outdoor activities to offer. McKechnie Field, located in Downtown Bradenton, is the spring training home of the Pittsburgh Pirates. The Bradenton Marauders play there in the summer, and though the stadium can get humid, it’s a neat place to watch baseball.

There are a few charters that will take you offshore fishing from Anna Maria, which is a fun way to spend an afternoon. You just might catch your own dinner!

Where to drink

A visit to the local breweries is a great ending to your day. Darwins Brewing Company is a great little place to check out. Nearby, Motorworks Brewing also has some awesome drafts.


The next time you need an escape from reality, be sure to stop by Riviera Dunes Marina. As the premier luxury marina of Central Florida, you can find yourself immersed in a day of relaxation. When you are in need of a few top things to do in Bradenton, FL, be sure to include Riviera Dunes Marina on the list.

Top Ways To Clean Up The Beaches Around Palmetto

Top Ways To Clean Up The Beaches Around Palmetto

It’s not unusual to find balloons, plastic bags, and paper napkins littered on the beach. Beach clean-ups are often done by locals and environmental groups, but unfortunately, trash can travel from miles and miles away. If you are looking to enjoy a nice relaxing day at one of the beaches around Palmetto though, then keeping it clean is the number one priority.

Keeping beaches clean is everyone’s responsibility. Here are five ways you can keep the beaches around Palmetto clean for all to enjoy!

1. Don’t bring plastic shopping bags, plastic straws, plastic water bottles, or Styrofoam plates to the beach. Many animals will mistake plastic items for food and will eat them. This can result in starvation, because the animal’s stomach is filled with plastic that can’t digest. In addition, since plastic never degrades, we need to reduce the amount of plastic that we throw away.

2. Don’t release balloons into the sky. When a balloon’s helium leaks out, it will probably end up in the ocean. Animals can eat balloons or become entangled in the balloon’s string. This string can injure an animal and even take off a limb. Entangled animals are also at risk of drowning.

3. Pick up after your pet. If your pet goes to the bathroom on the beach, pick up the waste and throw it in a trash can. Pet waste adds viruses and bacteria to the environment. Who wants to swim in that?

4. Throw away cigarette butts. Dispose of cigarette butts properly. Nicotine from cigarettes can have a negative effect on the environment.

5. Throw your trash into a designated trash can. Do the same for any other trash you encounter on the beach. The more trash we can remove from the environment, the better. Trash can leach harmful chemicals into the sand or sediment. However, always use common sense when picking up trash on the beach. Don’t pick up sharp objects or anything that could make you sick.

Florida Is Number 1 For Fishing and Boating Spots

Florida Is Number 1 For Fishing and Boating Spots

There are now nine locations in Florida recognized as ideal places for outdoor summer fun for the entire family.

Florida topped the Take Me Fishing 2016 “Top 100 Family Friendly Places to Boat and Fish in the U.S.” list. Florida was in the top four locations, with nine total locations on the list.

The top four locations are: Everglades National Park, Bahia Honda State Park, Blue Springs State Park, and Lake Kissimmee State Park.

Blu-Mangrove-GrillThe other five Florida locations are: Suwannee River, Harris Chain of Lakes, Lake Osborne, Lake Okeeheelee and Katheryn Abbey Hanna Park.

Recreational boating, combined with saltwater and freshwater fishing, contribute more than $20 billion annually to Florida’s economy. Fishing and boating are wholesome activities that bring families together and get more people outdoors. Overall, they’re fun hobbies that positively impact both the community and the economy.

More than 100 state parks in Florida offer fishing as a family-friendly, year-round activity. Visit to find one in your area. This summer is a great time to get outside, soak in the sunshine, and appreciate nature. What are you waiting for?

If you are ready to take your family fishing trip or boating excursion to the next level then be sure to stop by the Manatee River and Riviera Dunes Marina. We are the premier luxury marina on Florida’s Gulf Coast. With 219 wet slips ranging from 35 to 110 feet, we have everything you need to enjoy a trip to Palmetto. Come on out and explore the beautiful west coast of Florida and we know that you will want to stay forever. Contact one of our talented marina staff members today to see just how Riviera Dunes Marina can help to make your summer of boating and fishing one to remember!

Speedboat Tennis: The Newest Sport

Speedboat Tennis: The Newest Sport

Recently, Roger Federer and Lleyton Hewitt came together to promote a new tennis concept called FAST4.



The result of a gimmick show turned out to be fantastic footage of the two tennis stars hitting tennis balls back-and-forth from speedboats. Watch the video above to see the awesome clip! Now that is something we would love to see on the Manatee River.

Sarasota Boat Owner: When To DIY and When to Hire a Professional for Repairs

Sarasota Boat Owner: When To DIY and When to Hire a Professional for Repairs

If you’re a handy Sarasota boat owner, you probably take care of a lot of your own maintenance and repairs. However, there are jobs that are best left to seasoned professionals.

So, how do you make the decision? Start by evaluating the job that needs to be done and ask yourself, “Can I do this? Am I capable?” If the answer is no, pay a professional. If the answer is yes, make sure you’re up for the challenge.

However, there’s an overarching question that overrides whether you want to do a job. Can you afford to pay a professional? If you don’t have the cash, it looks like the job is up to you.

I can service my trailer without a problem. I know how to replace brakes, how to inspect and diagnose the hydraulic system, and how to service bearings. But I always pay a professional to do these things because I don’t enjoy the work, and the cost is inexpensive.

Another example is engine work. Most of the Sarasota boat owner engines I deal with are Chevrolet car engines, which I’m familiar and comfortable with. If an engine needs a head gasket replaced, I’ll perform that repair because engines interest me. Engine repairs can also be expensive.

Then, there are stern-drive repairs, for which I’ll usually always hire a professional. If it’s anything more serious than changing the gear lube, I’ll take it to the shop, because there are a lot of special tools for the job that I don’t have. The costs aren’t cheap, but they’re even more expensive if I mess something up while trying to fix it.

Also, it’s important to check if the repair might be covered under warranty. It might not even be necessary for you to open the toolbox!

In the end, if you are a Sarasota boat owner that doesn’t mind getting their hands dirty and spending the afternoon fixing up your vessel, then the repair may be for you. If not, then hiring a professional may be the best bet.