Decorating for the holidays is guaranteed to get you in the spirit. Transforming your space into a festive wonderland is a blast…and if you spend a significant amount of time on your boat, why not go all out? Here are four easy ways to decorate your boat with some holiday cheer.

  1. Shop off season.
    The best time to buy holiday decor and decorative lights is the day after the holiday. It can also work in your favor to shop during sales and off-season, though. HomeGoods, Michaels, and thrift stores typically offer great finds throughout the year. Local vendors and craft fairs are also great resources.
  2. Integrate multiple themes.
    Focusing on just one theme can be overwhelming. Integrating multiple themes and blending together complementing colors is a better option. For example, white and blue are both excellent colors for Christmas.
  3. Connect each room.
    There should be one constant that connects each area of your boat, such as silver tinsel or green garland. Each space should have its own centerpiece and shining star, so to speak, but this connection will keep your decor fluid and flexible.
  4. Get creative.
    The holidays are all about creativity. Don’t feel required to stick to traditional holiday colors. Inject your unique personality into your decor, even if that means a small purple tree with white ornaments.