Are you searching for ways to get creative and enhance your time on the water? Look no further! Keep reading to learn about five things you can do to elevate your boat time, whether on shore or on the water.

1. Do yoga on the water.
Yoga is a very calming and positive way to start your day. The sound of the waves and the colorful sunrise on the horizon is the perfect complement to a morning yoga session. Either on the deck of your boat or at the marina, a yoga session is the perfect way to bring your group together and start your day on a serene and tranquil note. 

2. Hold a paint party.
The views on a boat are unbeatable, and what better way to take them in than by holding a paint party! While these scintillating views are hard to capture at sea, it’s easier when your boat is docked at a marina. Bring your group together for a relaxing paint party, and since you’re docked, you can safely enjoy a glass of port wine to complete the experience! 

3. Have fun with water sports.
For something a little more exhilarating, watersports are always an option. Several options are available such as tubing, paddleboarding and waterskiing. This is a great option for the young ones on the boat. Make sure to follow all safety precautions before engaging in these activities, and you’ll be sure to have a great experience. 

4. Go fishing.
Fishing is very relaxing and also allows for quality conversation and bonding. You can either fish off your boat, or at the pier while your boat is docked at a marina. You can also go on to cook a meal together with your group using the catch of the day. No meal is more satisfying than one you’ve brought from farm to table all by yourself, and the best way to enjoy it is on the deck of your boat! 

5. Eat a dockside dinner.
End your day on the boat with a delicious dinner cooked by top chefs at restaurants in the marina. Great food, a 360 degree view of the horizon, and the stars twinkling above and sound of waves crashing against the boat make the perfect night.