4 Tips for Staying Safe at the Beach Riviera Dunes Marina

4 Tips for Staying Safe at the Beach

Whether you’re a seasoned beachgoer in Bradenton or traveling here for your annual vacation, staying safe at the beach should always be your top priority.

Here are four simple tips to make sure you’re safe at the beach this summer!

1. Don’t overestimate your swimming abilities.

Since you know how skilled you are in swimming, it’s best to keep within your abilities in order to stay safe at the beach this summer. For instance, if you’re a novice swimmer, it’s certainly not wise to be swimming in the deeper areas where you can’t touch the bottom. Don’t find yourself in trouble by overestimating your swimming abilities this summer. 

In addition, there are often stronger currents or rip tides in the water that are much more difficult to escape. So be sure to not attempt to swim during these conditions if you are not equipped to handle them.

2. Be aware of drop-off points in the water.

Make sure to identify where the deeper areas are in the water, and avoid drop-off points, small holes or where sandbars end in the water. This is especially important to pinpoint for your small children whom might be swimming on their own.

3. Keep a careful watch on your kids.

While parents do their best to supervise their children when at the beach, lifeguards emphasize that this is often the No. 1 thing you can do to ensure your kids’ safety. A lack of parental supervision is often the top reason for children’s near-drownings.

4. Stay within view of the lifeguards.

Lifeguards are on the beaches to protect and keep you safe, but they cannot do so if you’re out of sight. Often times there are designated areas that are monitored by lifeguards. However, beachgoers will sit further away out of those areas and eventually swim out in an unguarded area. Stay close to lifeguards, especially if swimming is not your greatest strength.

Now that you know to stay safe at the beach this summer, enjoy your time in the sun!

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