Explore Sarasota’s Art Culture: Part 2

Sarasota is well known as Florida’s Cultural Coast, due to the plethora of live shows, art galleries, and more. Explore Sarasota’s art community at one of the many beach retreats below! 


Night on the town: dance performances

Sarasota Ballet

If you were searching for an unforgettable performance, Sarasota Ballet is the place to go! Sarasota Ballet stands apart for being the only professional ballet company on the Gulf Coast. But that’s not all! Revered by The New York Times, The Washington Post and The Wall Street Journal, this breathtaking ballet features some of the most famous choreographers across the globe.

Sarasota Cuban Ballet School

Sarasota Ballet has a great influence over Florida culture! Next up is Sarasota Cuban Ballet School, who’s roots formed from Sarasota Ballet. Created by two former Sarasota Ballet dancers, this is a unique experience. Their focus is teaching Cuban style, known for strength, devotion, and poise. Many of their students continue their dancing careers at major companies; Sarasota Cuban Ballet School promises an eclectic evening!

Sarasota Contemporary Dance 

Featuring a unique atmosphere with dramatic performances, Sarasota Contemporary Dance is deeply moving and an experience you don’t want to miss!


Night on the town: jazz performances

Sarasota Orchestra

Sarasota Orchestra was one of the first orchestras in Florida! Featuring over 100 classical, contemporary and family-oriented performances every year, this orchestra is conducted by one of the most famed music directors of our generation, Anu Tali. 

Venice Symphony

Venice Symphony is known across Florida for it’s unique dedication to cultural enhancement. Enjoy an electrifying evening on the town at Venice Symphony!

Sarasota Opera House

Sarasota Opera house is a breathtaking, historic location that performs a wide array of musical shows. They are most well-known for showing the entire works of Giuseppe Verdi over 28 years, which no opera house has ever done.

Van Wezel Performing Arts Hall’s

If you were searching for a new and exciting performance, Van Wezel Performing Arts Hall features famous local acts like Jah Movement, ZZ Top, Broadway musicals and more!

Jazz Club of Sarasota’s

Cozy and intrinsic perfectly describes Jazz Club of Sarasota! This laid-back location promises a relaxing evening filled with unforgettable tunes.


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