The holidays are here again, and that means twinkle lights, snowflake decorations, and candy canes galore. With so much going on during this festive season, it’s important to remember that accidents happen. Buying gifts and preparing for guests can be stressful, and when people are frazzled and overwhelmed, injuries and disasters can occur. In order to avoid accidents from occurring in your Sarasota home this year, follow these three safety tips. 

1. Wrap carefully.
Wrapping presents and hanging ornaments is a vital part of the holiday season. Be careful, though, when you’re handling scissors and paper. Lacerations can easily happen if you aren’t. In order to avoid potential cuts, take your time, supervise children carefully, don’t hang fragile ornaments on low tree branches where kids and pets can break them, and clean up any unexpected messes immediately. 

2. Lift correctly.
It’s common to travel during the holidays, which means heavy luggage and lots of lifting. And with guests coming to visit, it’s important to shovel snow from your driveway to ensure everyone’s safety. These tasks might seem trivial, but they can be dangerous if done incorrectly. While handling luggage and shoveling snow, make sure you stretch both before and after, wear appropriate shoes with traction, hydrate, and lift with your legs to reduce strain on your back.

3. Be cautious of fire hazards.
Frayed wires, Christmas trees, space heaters, holiday cooking, flammable fabrics, and candles are all fire hazards. In order to keep your home safe, make sure you pick out a Christmas tree that isn’t too dry, check your twinkle lights before hanging them, hang stockings away from flames, and turn off space heaters before you leave the house.